The Solution to the Problem of Knowledge Despite Man's Finitude

There is a problem in epistemology that unless all things are known then nothing can be known.  Now, this seems strange because we think of building up knowledge from the bits and pieces and into a larger picture. But consider this problem: we say that a swinging baseball bat is the CAUSE of the baseball being hit out of the park.  The flight of the baseball is the EFFECT.  But, the ball wouldn’t have gone anywhere if a brick wall was instantly built in front of the batter.  Then, presumably the ball would only make it to the brick wall.  Or perhaps an African Swallow grabs the baseball out of mid-air before it can fly over the fence.  So, we say the swinging of the baseball bat was not the ONLY CAUSE of the ball going over the fence.  So also, the NOT having a brick, and the NOT having a fleet African Swallow catching the ball are also causes of the ball going over the fence.   That gravity isn’t stronger is a CAUSE of the ball going over the fence. An infinite number of things are the cause of the ball going over the fence.   Thus, if there are an INFINITE number of causes, then there is no distinguishing feature to declare which ONE was the true cause.  And thus the CAUSE is unknown.
So likewise, this is the case with all knowledge.  Unless there is comprehensive knowledge of all things somewhere there can be no knowledge anywhere. This is because all knowledge data are inextricably interrelated.
But there is a solution.  This is a solution provided ONLY by Christianity.
God is all-knowing and thus knows all the interrelationships of knowledge.  HE is in a position knowing everything.  He is also capable, given His omnipotence, to solve the problem of knowledge for man – God reveals knowledge to man that man otherwise is in no position to know.
This knowledge is revealed in the Bible.  Praise God, our Light, for giving us knowledge.