Finds in the Clark Library

The Clark Library is both the name of the library at the Sangre de Cristo Seminary and the collection of books in the library originally belonging to Gordon H. Clark (1902-1985). A major factor (one of five or so) in deciding to study at this seminary is to have access to these books as I am writing a biography of Gordon H. Clark.
I’ve spent the better part of the last week searching through these books for notes, letters, essays, etc. Here is a list of the finds I’ve had so far that have really excited me.
1. An essay of Clark’s called “Theology in Crisis” about Karl Barth and Emil Brunner which I believe is unpublished.
2. Multiple copies of the books written by his father, David S. Clark which I had not previously read.
3. A Bible belonging to his Ph.D. professor from UPenn who died during the course of his studies, William Romaine Newbold signed in 1882.
4. A Bible belonging to John S. Harrison signed 1896. This name is not presently known to me.
5. A Bible belonging to Clark, his father, his grandfather, and 2 previous owners signed 1843, 1845, 1907, 1914, and 1931.
6. A Greek Bible belonging to Clark’s maternal grandfather Thomas Haddon signed in 1864.
7. A letter on textual criticism from Theodore P. Letis of Westminster Seminary in 1984.
8. Two books of William Young, a philosopher professor who worked with Clark both of which apparently Clark was the editor for.
9. A copy of the bulletin at Clark’s funeral service.
10. Original copies of his 1929 Ph.D. dissertation on Aristotle.
11. A letter from 1880 from Mount Union college recommending Clark’s father for a job.
12. Letters from Bob Rudolph, Robert Strong, John Huffman, J. Oliver Buswell, Bernard Ramm, Kenneth Kuntzer, and Cornelius Van Til.