Mile 2186 Katahdin, ME – Reflections on a completed thru-hike.

I summited Katahdin at 11 AM on Sunday August 18. The trek is now complete and I’m staying for the week in Blue Hill, ME at Scout’s house. I summited with Spoon, Silver, Calamity, and Sherpa. On the same day reaching the summit was Johnny Walker, Jeremiah, and Misery.
We had great weather in Maine which makes up some for the often miserable conditions along the trail this year. My emotions are far too easily swayed by the weather, but try as one might its difficult to be happy when getting rained on or eaten alive by mosquitoes. But it is done. A zero day today, tomorrow, and each day I so desire. No more days of 20 miles dragging myself through the wilderness. A great era has ended and I’m thrilled to be entering a new one. I will re-enter life with an appreciation for civilization and a stronger patience. Seminary starts in a few weeks and along with it Greek language class. This class should be a new challenge; the hiking poles now hanging on the wall to be taken out only on the occasional Saturday day hike in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! What a gift to cross off your bucket list. Truly jealous, but know it was meant for you all along. God has a plan and thankfully you are following it. Good luck in seminary. May you truly be enlightened in every sense of the word…. Enjoy colorado! You and henry are going to love it.

  2. Well done, Doug Douma. Very well done.
    I enjoyed following along with every entry you posted.
    I also want to wish you the very best as you start seminary. Back when we had known each other, I had strongly considered seminary as a path for myself, whereas I recall you were going to become a rocket scientist.
    I now believe seminary is not for me, and you’re the one who’s all ready for koine greek! Funny how life works sometimes.
    We’ll likely not have an opportunity to see each other in the near future but until we do, Godspeed to you, brother.
    Joe Puplis

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