Mile 1853.0 Mt. Washington, NH – The Huts, the Hikers, and the Headaches

Our Gang of Four resumed climbing yesterday up a steep 3,000 ft from Crawford Notch and then over Crawford Path (the oldest trail in the US) eventually landing at the Lake of the Clouds hut. At the hut we stayed for free and did dishes and various chores to compensate. The clouds came later in the day and rain with them. I took dozens of pictures of the amazing landscape and a few of a grouse I found hiding in the trees.
Staying at the huts is difficult because we get leftover food only after all customers have eaten. By then it is cold. We sleep on he floor in the dining hall. As this hut is close to Mt. Washington it is quite popular. We ran into a bunch of thru-hikers, all of whom were allowed work for stay to keep out of the cold rain. (Fatty, Finder, Hermes, Roadrunner, Red Rocket, Splash, Starchild)
We summited Mt. Washington this morning and decided to head back to town rather than risk the rains over Mt. Monroe. This whole range is quite dangerous. The summit house had a list of 150 who have died in previous years of hiking accidents, skiing accidents, driving accidents, and natural conditions on the mountain. We are avoiding the rain but its causing many logistical headaches.
Pilgrim, Slim, and I are off to get food while Don’s Brother is napping.