Mile 1761.4 – Lyme, NH – Rain, Wind, and Weather

Rolling, rolling, rolling; keep them miles rolling.
Yesterday we were joined by Susquehanna Slim, a nearly-retired IT Diector from New Jersey. He’s on board with the DBP – the Don’s Brother Plan. As I told Don’s Brother, the DBP is an MVP. Thus it was an easy decision for Slim to join. We hiked 9.5 miles through pretty heavy rains and into Hanover, NH. The time went by real fast as we sang Rawhide and other songs along the hike.
We continued today out of Hanover and made 17 miles to Lyme, NH. In the morning we met up with a bunch of other hikers after eating breakfast at Lou’s. I hiked much of the day with Spoon (who we helped slackpack), Johnny Walker, and Puffy. I met Gator for the first time. Don’s Brother, Pilgrim, and Susquehanna Slim followed some distance behind. We had fairly easy terrain for the first ten miles and then a couple 1000 ft climbs and descents. It threatened rain but we only got a nice wind. The weather is supposed to drop into the 40’s tonight, but it is of no concernas I’m staying at a great house which Matt Pater is house-sitting. I had a big meal here and am now sitting around with Mike, Matt, Matt’s wife Jessica and 3 dogs.
I’m really enjoying the hiking lately with the cooler temperatures and fewer bugs. My feet are pretty sore but I seem to be recovering well each day. I was able to power through the two big climbs today without a break and often led the group.
Time to hang out with friends. Gotta go.