Mile 1733.9 West Hartford, VT – Pater Familias, A.P. English, and Korean Food

Matt Pater is a friend from high school who happens to live on a street which crosses the Appalachian Trail. So I’m lucky to have a place to stay for a few days. And since my brother is here with a car I’m still making miles down the trail each day. Matt lives just miles from three ski resorts. Between the local season and traveling to British Columbia he manages to snowboard over 100 times per year. He’s got an idyllic spot in the countryside near one of he steepest climbs on the AT.
It was good to catch up with Matt over dinner at a Korean restaurant in Hanover, VT. Although Mike has frequently visited Matt, I really hadn’t seen him since high school. I realized it has been four or five years since I’ve seen anyone from high school actually!
Don’s Brother, Pilgrim, and I hiked 23 miles yesterday and 14 today. We’re taking a break tomorrow and only going 9 miles. They are staying in a hotel while I’ve got a free stay at Matt’s. We are pretty exhausted and seem to hiking slower. The hikes really drag. My feet are throbbing by the end of the day but the slack packing is helping us keep up the miles.
While hiking today I talked about literature for an hour or so with Don’s Brother who was an A.P. English teacher his whole career. I learned about his favorite books and have a bunch of recommendations for after the trail wen I might have time to read.
Other hikers I’ve seen lately include: Johnny Walker, Puffy, Fatty, Smelly Jesus, Moose Legs, Burt (the German), and 2 northbounders who started in January.
Vermont has been beautiful. We’ve only got one more day left in the state. Matt is house sitting in New Hampshire so I may have another free place to stay coming up.