Mile 1628.3 USFS 71 – ESPN Trail, Steve, and a Moose

Bob: Welcome back to ESPN Trail, the only network providing 24/7 live coverage of hiking and only hiking. Our hiking head-cam today is on our featured hiker along the Appalachian Trail giving our home audience a first-person view of the action just as happens, LIVE! People are actually willing to watch golf and bowling so we figured, why not hiking?
George: Thanks Bob. The hiker speed-meter in the corner of the screen is showing a strong 2.7 miles per hour. It might be difficult to keep up this pace, especially if it starts raining which could bring about blisters. And there’s a rock coming up just ahead. Lets see how he manoevers around this one. Will he go left or right? HE GOES LEFT! Good move. He’s got a strong left game, don’t you think Bob?
Bob: Yes George, and with the LEKI sponsored lightweight hiking poles he has superior balance.
George: There’s a series of mud puddles ahead and the gnats are really going after his eyes. It could be difficult to navigate here. And he successfully got through the first series. And HE’s SLIPPED! Foot in the mud. But fortunately that tree branch kept him from falling.
Bob: Good recover there. Reminds me of 2003 course with all the mud slips. That sure was a year for hiking. There’s an 800 ft climb ahead. How do you think he should approach this one?
George: I’d opt for the classic paced approach with perhaps 2 or 3 quick stops for water. And a quick word from our sponsor: ESPN Trail is brought to you by CLIFF Bar. CLIFF Bar now with macadamia nuts. For maximum hiking performance and just a few grams pack weight, try CLIFF Bar.
– – – – – – –
There wasn’t too much eventful today. We’re getting great shuttle rides to the trail from a Bennington trail angel named Steve. (He’s the one who informed me of the lost Revolutionary War cannon) On our way back to town we saw a moose. I’ve got some pictures but am using my IPad mini for the moment and have no USB port to upload pictures from my camera.