Mile 1556.3 – Beckett, MA – Hotel Hopping and Microwaved McDonalds

Hiking with Don’s Brother and Pilgrim is going swimmingly. These are the only hikers I’ve met that are more restaurant-happy than I am. Pilgrim, who is an emaciated 135 lbs needs to eat at every opportunity. We’re each in the mindset that success on the trail outweighs the financial costs. Thus we’re living it up by AT standards. This evening we went to Friendly’s for dinner and I got a meal certainly not designed for 1 person. The $20 combo of 1 appetizer and 2 entrees is perfect for a thru-hiker like myself. Don’s Brother and Pilgrim just went with single entrees but got free sundaes as seniors. I was jealous.
I carried regular dry food on the hike today while Don’s Brother and Pilgrim carried cold McDonalds burgers. I laughed at their ridiculous choice until we happened upon an office of a hotel with a soda vending machine and a microwave to reheat burgers. Then, here again, I was jealous.
I’m hearing more about other hikers on the trail as the 3 of us are each sending and receiving text messages. I know Newton is hiking with Dip and Sip a few days behind us. I heard from Patchouli on Facebook that she is at Delaware Water Gap and Sherwin is just ahead. Chin Music isn’t far behind us either. On the trail today we saw Burning Man and Hakuna Matata. We met Hufflepuff at the hotel.
The temperature stayed below 80 for the first time in weeks and the humidity also came down. The rain threatened early but never materialized. Overall it was an excellent day of hiking. Even the mosquitoes were reduced in number. I approve.