Mile 1517.7 Great Barrington, MA – Beard Comb, iPad, Bugs, and Bugs

My beard was growing more sideways than acceptable so I decided to buy a comb. I haven’t owned a comb in years since I generally don’t care about my hair. The beard however was out of control. It tools a few painful passes of the comb but now I look more like an Akkadian king rather than a standard issue hobo. Or so I hope.
I also bought an iPad mini in Connecticut when I was staying at my friend Reyes’ house. This was certainly an unexpected expense. My expenses have already surpassed my AT expectations. However, I worked my youth away through my 20’s in an office, and now am taking my turn to be young and stupid. 450 dollars stupid this time. But it’s a nice device. This blog post comes courtesy of the iPad and the wifi at my hotel.
My friend Jen who lives in Connecticut came out and hiked a few days with me. She’s looking at thru hiking next year so this was good practice. She even made an 18 mile day which is pretty impressive for just starting out.
I’m continuing down the trail and hoping for better weather. It’s really to the point of absurdity. Although the heat wave may be over it rains everyday and the mosquitoes are everywhere. I can’t enjoy any of the hiking because I need to constantly be moving to avoid bites. Just stopping for a picture is a death sentence. I’m considering buying a bug net but that would be ridiculous. For now ill just continue to carry large amounts of DEET.
I met up with “Dons Brother” and hiked with him this morning. I told him I’m declaring war on the bugs. I’ll do anything to keep the bugs down. Garlic is supposed to be a natural deterrent, but since I don’t cook I don’t have anything to put garlic in.
The goal now is Vermont. Higher latitudes and higher elevations. Hopefully this brings cooler temperatures. The bugs though may even be worse if the black flies are still alive up north. If the heat, rain, and bugs continue I may run out of patience. I need to start having more fun out here or I don’t see why I’m out at all. Good things have happened all along the trail so hopefully soon they return.