Elmer's Sunnybank Inn

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
I’ve got a room in Hot Springs at Elmer’s. The storms are supposed to be coming in and there is a festival in town. I feel very blessed to have gotten a room without even making a reservation. Good thing for me some other reservation never showed up. (Or perhaps they still might and I’m promised the Staff quarters. Either way, I have a roof over my head).
Elmer’s reminds me of my grandpa Kozak’s place on Kinney Ave. in Walker Michigan. I think Eugune would have approved of the look and feel of the house. (Although I suspect he would have filled in more of the empty spaces on the wall between the artwork).
I’ve ran into my friends Stumbles and Big Job, a marathon-running couple from Connecticut. They are the fastest on the trail but I’ve managed to find them for the 3rd time. They did 33 miles yesterday and got to Hot Springs the day before I did. Now that they’ve taken a zero day I’ve caught up.