Gordon Clark and Billy Graham

Here is a recollection from Samuel Faircloth, a student in Gordon Clark’s Medieval Philosophy course at Wheaton College.  Billy Graham was also a student in the very same class.
“Clark was a very systematic, philosophical, orthodox elder – Presbyterian elder. He objected to communion on campus.  He said communion belongs to the church. You shouldn’t be celebrating communion out of the church discipline. But in the class, as I had dropped into this kind of class, I was trying to catch up historically and every other way with the prof.  He knew what he was talking about. He was a top-drawer teacher.  Billy (Graham) was back in the background. He stood up one day and he looked Clark in the eye.  I’ll never forget this. Because I thought he had a lot of nerve. He stood up and pointed his finger at Clark – “Doc, you’re cold.”  And Clark looked right back – “I prefer to remain cold.”   Clark was a good philosophy professor and Graham was not operating on that level. He was operating on a warm evangelistic level and Clark was talking about Augustine’s City of God.” –   Rev. Samuel D. Faircloth, interview with the Billy Graham Center Archives, 2010.   Min 106-107